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Taoiseach: Tells Dáil “I have every confidence in Irish Water chief”


Taoiseach Enda Kenny has made announcement in the Dáil today that he has “every confidence” in the chief executive of Irish Water. The Taoiseach made his comments during today’s Cabinet meeting which it is believed to have focused heavily on the debate about Irish Water.

It is thought that coalition government will conduct a review of communications at the new utility.

Mr Kenny came in for heavy questioning today during the debate, he responded by telling the Dáil that no-one had approached the Chairman of the Board about the possible removal of John Tierney as chief executive.

He went onto say: “I have every confidence that John Tierney can do his job, every confidence that he can do his job,” he said. “The remark that was made by a Deputy at last week’s Fine Gael parliamentary meeting was withdrawn. “But clearly, the Government recognize, Deputy Martin, that there are legitimate areas of public concern that Government reflected upon this morning, and that Government will act upon.”

However the Taoiseach was strongly criticized by Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD, who stated that Irish Water cannot be left with the sole responsibility for the delivery of water services.

Mr Adams told the Dáil: “From the outset, Irish Water has been mired in scandal,” “The manner in which this company was established, how it has been managed, and the unfair imposition of water charges has been chaotic and farcical.“Now it has emerged that Irish Water will hit struggling families with a hugely expensive call-out charge of €180 to repair leaking pipes”.

He went by stating that senior management at Irish Water are paid hugely exorbitant salaries. “And over the weekend we learned that these same executives are in line for bonus payments despite the very obvious management failings. “Taoiseach, this is despite your guarantees that there wouldn’t be a bonus culture in Irish Water. You told me here on October 7 that no bonuses would be paid.”

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