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Three children hurt in petrol bomb attack



The incident occurred around 9pm on Thursday night when a home in Waterford was the target of a petrol bomb attack.

11-year-old Roisin Halligan, 1-year-old Lexie, and three month old William, where sitting in their grandmother’s sitting room watching cartons.

When the petrol bomb was thrown through the window, Roisin jumped on her baby cousin to save her from the petrol bomb. Due to Roisin rescuing her cousin she has suffered severe burns and needs a skin graft.

Baby Lexie, has also suffered burns in the attack but Roisin, has suffered the worst. Three month old William was clear of the attack and managed to suffer smoke inhalation.

Grandmother Nellie Halligan killed the blaze with the fire extinguisher before further damaged could have been made.

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