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What’s The Spanish Christmas Lottery and How Can You Take Part in Ireland?

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is the largest and the oldest lottery in the world! It began in 1812
when King Carlos III got the idea from Naples. This lottery is unlike any other. In most lotteries,
one person wins a huge amount and the other players are just out of luck. But, in the Spanish
Christmas Lottery, millions will be distributed to hundreds of people. There are so many winners
that virtually everyone stops on December 22 to celebrate and play. This year the top tier prize,
called the El Gordo (translation “The Fat One”) is in excess of 2 billion euros. There are a total
of 17 tiers under the big one.

Where to buy a ticket

Until Lottoland you had to travel to Spain to buy a ticket. You could buy your Spanish Christmas
Lottery ticket from any official lottery shop across the country. You could also buy your tickets
from licensed (and sometimes unlicensed) street vendors. For many years this was the only
place to enter the Spanish Christmas Lottery.

How to play

You visit your neighbourhood seller and buy whatever five-digit numbered ticket they are selling.
They will usually have just a few numbers to choose from, so you have to take what’s available.
The Spanish Christmas Lottery has the biggest prize pool of any lottery in the world billions.
However, unlike most lotteries, this doesn’t all go to one winner but instead is parcelled out to
thousands of recipients. The biggest available prize is called El Gordo (the fat one) and is worth
€4 million. A ‘full’ ticket costs over €200 though, so most people buy what is called a ‘Decima’
(tenth) worth twenty euros instead. So if you win that €4M you would actually just go home with
a tenth of the amount: which is a huge amount and that is what almost everyone is hoping for.

Hold on! We want to know how we can play in Ireland!

The ceremonies on how the numbers are drawn are lovely and a big part of the day, but first,
let’s tell you how you can play the Spanish Christmas Lottery and win the big money if you are
in Ireland.

Lottoland’s Spanish Christmas Lottery

Lottoland is famous for letting people play big lotteries, Powerball, and gamble from wherever
they are. Lottoland is an industry leader in the field of offshore casinos. They are fully licensed and insured and they offer the Spanish Christmas Lottery to you from the comfort of your home
computer or your smart device. As you know, when you buy a lottery ticket from Lottoland you
are gambling on the results of their number pull. That means if you selected the winning
number, you win the same amount of money as the other winners of the Spanish Lottery. There
is no difference other than you enjoy the fun and avoid the travel, expense, and crowds of going
to Spain.


● Login to your Lottoland account
● Go to the Spanish Christmas Lottery page
● Select the numbers you want – with the levels of choice you want
● Place your bet

Now, just like the locals, you sit back and wait for December 22nd to arrive and keep your
fingers crossed that the luck of the Irish will be with you and land you the El Gordo.

After you are the big winner, plan a trip to Spain for the next Spanish Christmas Lottery to watch
the festivities. This annual event is unlike anything in the world. It is well worth the trip. Who
knows, maybe you will win again. Stranger things have happened.

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