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Catfished: Couple who thought they found missing cat accidentally “stole” stranger’s similar looking pet

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Whenever a beloved pet goes missing, the owner is always delighted to hear that people are joining in the search. But one hunt for a missing cat in Scotland ended up in a strange case of missing identity.

According to the Mirror, Sophie Johnson was devastated when her cat Lentil went missing from her home in Scotland. She asked people on Facebook to look out for Lentil, even posting his picture to let everyone know what he looked like. When she got word that Lentil was hanging out at a new housing development, she asked if anyone could go and pick him up as she couldn’t make it there herself.

That was enough for couple Lauren and Charlie who headed over there straightaway. To their delight they found a cat and messaged Sophie so she’d know that Lentil was safe and sound. Sophie was naturally delighted to hear this.

Meanwhile, back at the housing development, Lauren and Charlie got a surprise when a neighbour came rushing out to tell them that the cat they’d picked up was living at the development for months. It turned out to be a Railey ragdoll cat owned by other people living in the development.

So they had to get in touch with Sophie again, and break the news that they hadn’t in fact found Lentil at all. Luckily she was just grateful for all their help and they promised to keep looking.

After all that, the owners of Railey posted on Facebook about how their cat was allegedly nearly stolen and only stayed put thanks to their neighbour. They did say that they knew there was a missing cat in the area and the whole story made Lauren take to Facebook herself and clear things up.

Unfortunately for Sophie, poor Lentil is still missing but hopefully someone will come across the right cat soon and get him back to his home.

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