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‘Toothless’ climate change deal agreed

December 14, 2014 Note Nots 0

Critics have attacked the Lima climate change agreement, claiming it will not be effective. The deal, agreed by 196 countries, operates on an entirely voluntary basis and has no method of enforcing reductions in carbon

Ten wacky laws from around the world

June 20, 2014 Note Nots 0

Last summer drastic measures were proposed by a Galway councillor in response to a dog fouling issue in the area. Labour Councillor Niall McNeilis brought attention to the legislation in a Spanish town that enforced

News update: 7th March

March 6, 2014 Note Nots 0

Gun attack: A man in his forties was dumped from a car with severe gunshot wounds in the Finglas area yesterday evening. He was shot in the leg repeatedly however he survived the attack.   Fatal

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