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Tragic: 3-yr-old toddler lured away with sweets by stranger at birthday party has been found murdered in landfill site

Image source: Birmingham police, Alabama

It really is absolutely and utterly despicable to think that there’s people out there who would abduct and murder a baby, but it happened.

A 3-yr-old toddler who was snatched by a stranger from a birthday party at her home has been found murdered and dumped in a landfill site, police have confirmed. Little Kamille ‘Cupcake’ McKinney’s remains were found this week, Patrick Smith from Birmingham Police Department in Alabama confirmed the find on Tuesday evening.

It’s understood that police are trying to obtain both murder and kidnapping warrants for two people of interest. They have been identified as 39-yr-old Patrick Stallworth and his 29-yr-old girlfriend, Derick Irisha Brown.

At the news conference, Smith said: ‘I wish I had all of you gathered here with good news. I wish I could share a high five or some other celebratory salutation, but I cannot.’ McKinney is believed to have been abducted on October 12 by two strangers who lured her away from a birthday party in Birmingham, Alabama.

‘I brought you here today because the Birmingham Police Department, along with the FBI, have located the remains of a 3-yr-old child who we believe to be Kamille ‘Cupcake’ McKinney,’ Smith said. According to, police had to look through some 12 tons of rubbish to find the little girl’s remains.

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin said: ‘This is a tough moment for this city. This is a tough moment for this family.’ Accorindg to the Metro, police took Stallworth and Brown into custody the day after McKinney disappeared from the birthday party at the Tom Brown Village public housing community. It’s understood that authorities have also impounded Stallworth’s Toyota SUV after investigators said he was identified on surveillance cameras near where the child disappeared. No motive has been reached at this point for the murder.

According to reports, the SUV with the description provided by other children at the party had a stranger offering sweets to the children in the area. Emory Anthony, Stallworth’s lawyer, said earlier that his client had an alibi at the time the police believed McKinney had been abducted.

Stallworth was initially charged with seven child pornography cases after the police reported having found several pictures on his cell phone. The authorities stated that none of the photos concerned Kamille’s case. He was released on bail of $500,000, but was arrested by police on Tuesday night. Brown was arrested for saving an earlier abduction case with his children. His lawyer Adam Danneman, however, said his client categorically denies the claims.

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